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SEMIOTEXT(E) – 1) Performances, Interviews, News and Readings. 2) Recently Released Titles. 3) Summer/Fall 2008 Titles. 4) Documents

1) Performances, Interviews, News and Readings.

Veronica Gonzalez twin time: or, how death befell me was recently selected for the Premio Aztln Literary Award for 2007. The National Latino Writer’s Conference described Gonzalez’s novel as an “enticing, beautifully written, lyrical and poetic” work, whose creative use of narrative uncertainty, sance, and intuition went “beyond technique” in tracing the author’s fractured cultural roots to currents in both America as well as her native Mexico. Veronica will accept the award, with a discussion of her novel, on May 23rd in Albuquerque. 13 at 8pm:

twin time: or, how death befell me was also recently cited by Eileen Myles as her own favorite, undervalued novel last year, in connection with the 2007 Believer Book Awards. Eileen: I loved the fabric of this book; the rhythm was palpable. The forces swirling in and around the young girl and the estranged and luscious descriptions of nature and mating and storytelling and dreams were told so silently. It was like being in an aquarium looking out somehow.”

Masha Tupitsyn, author of Beauty Talk & Monsters, is the featured writer on KQED in San Francisco’s distinguished weekly radio show The Writer’s Block:

A long essay by Chris Kraus on the Amsterdam-based 70s free sex zine Suck appears in the May issue of Artforum.

A dialogue between Sylvre Lotringer and Toni Negri also appears in the print edition of this month’s Artforum, as part of a special retrospective feature on May ’68. A short excerpt is available online here:

“On the Breach,” a text by Art and Revolution author Gerald Raunig, also appears in the May ’68 Artforum feature.

2) Recently released titles from Semiotext(e)

Molecular Revolution in Brazil
By Flix Guattari and Suely Rolnik. Translated by Karel Clapshow and Brian Holmes.
Following Brazil’s first democratic election after two decades of military dictatorship, French philosopher Flix Guattari traveled through Brazil in 1982 with Brazilian psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik and discovered an exciting, new political vitality. In the infancy of its new republic, Brazil was moving against traditional hierarchies of control and totalitarian regimes and founding a revolution of ideas and politics. Molecular Revolution in Brazil documents the conversations, discussions, and debates that arose during the trip, including a dialogue between Guattari and Brazil’s future President Luis Ignacia Lula da Silva, then a young gubernatorial candidate. Through these exchanges, Guattari cuts through to the shadowy practices of globalization gone awry and boldly charts a revolution in practice. read more

Radical Alterity
By Jean Baudrillard and Marc Guillaume. Translated by Ames Hodges. Introduction by Marc Guillaume.
Where is the Other today? Can Otherness challenge our arrogant, insular cultural narcissism? From artificial intelligence to the streets of Venice, from early explorers to contemporary photographers, Jean Baudrillard and Marc Guillaume discuss the traces of radical alterity in our world. read more

The Porcelain Workshop: For a New Grammar of Politics
By Antonio Negri. Translated by Noura Wedell.
In 2004 and 2005, Antonio Negri held ten workshops at the Collge International de Philosophie in Paris to formulate a new political grammar of the postmodern. Biopolitics, biopowers, control, the multitude, people, war, borders, dependency and interdependency, state, nation, the common, difference, resistance, subjective rights, revolution, freedom, democracy: these are just a few of the themes Negri addressed in these experimental laboratories. (Available in June.) read more

Multitude between Innovation and Negation
By Paolo Virno. Translated by Isabella Bertoletti, James Cascaito and Andrea Casson.
The publication of Paolo Virno’s first book in English, A Grammar of the Multitude, by Semiotext(e) in 2004 was an event within the field of radical political thought and introduced post-’68 currents in Italy to American readers. Multitude between Innovation and Negativity, written several years later, offers three essays that take the reader on a journey through the political philosophy of language.(Available in June.) read more

Fatal Strategies
By Jean Baudrillard. Translated by Philippe Beitchman and W. G. J. Niesluchowski. Introduction by Dominic Pettman.
When Fatal Strategies was first published in French in 1983, it represented a turning point for Jean Baudrillard: an utterly original, and for many readers, utterly bizarre book that offered a theory as proliferative, ecstatic, and hallucinatory as the postmodern world it endeavored to describe. read more

Pure War
Paul Virilio and Sylvre Lotringer. Translated by Mark Polizzotti. with a new introduction by Paul Virilio
In June 2007, Paul Virilio and Sylvre Lotringer met in La Rochelle, France to reconsider the premises they had developed twenty-five years before in their frighteningly prescient classic, Pure War. read more

3) Documents

Articles, reviews, introductions, and essays related to Semiotext(e) and our authors.

Excerpt from Chris Marker new introduction from the DVD release in France of his epic film-essay A Grin Without a Cat, about the political wars of the 60’s and 70’s.> read text

God is the Ultimate Banker by Peter Sloterdijk > read text

Other People’s Eroticism by Tony Duvert > read text

4) Summer/Fall 2008 titles from Semiotext(e)

Introduction to Kant’s Anthropology
Michel Foucault; Roberto Nigro (Ed.); Translated by Roberto Nigro and Kate Briggs.

By Catherine Breillat; Introduction by Chris Kraus, Interview with Dorna Khazeni, Afterword by Peter Sotos. Translated by Paul Buck and Catherine Petit.

The Foundation of the Situationist International (June 1957August 1960)
By Guy Debord; Translated by Stuart Kendall. Introduction by McKenzie Wark.

All the King’s Horses
By Michle Bernstein; Translated by John Kelsey.

Capital and Language
From the New Economy to the War Economy
By Christian Marazzi; Translated by Gregory Conti. Introduction by Michael Hardt.


Chaosophy, New Edition
By Flix Guattari; Sylvre Lotringer (Ed.) Introduction by Franois Dosse.

Kraus on Suck

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